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Credit Card Reader Cleaning Cards CR80 Dual Side POS Swipe Card Reader Cleaner for MSR90 MSR605X MSR X6 etc. (50 Cards)



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· DEFTUN CR80 card swipe cleaning card cleans the read head and entire track of a mag stripe reader in one pass.  
· Mag Card Reader are used extensively in various industries. These readers are a key component in ATM’s, POS, Credit Card and Insert equipment.
· Reader failures and errors are linked to dirty reader heads caused by poor maintenance.
· Save time and eliminate misreads with regular maintenance.
·  HOW TO USE: 1.Remove cleaning card from the pouch. 2.Place the cleaning card into the card reader as you would a credit card. 3.Turn the card over and repeat step2. 3.Discard the cleaning card properly. Repeat the process if necessary. Easy to use without dismantling equipment.
·  WHERE TO USE: Designed to remove effectively contaminants on all card reader, hotel door, cretdit card machine, vending machine and optical reader heads. Works great both in the Chip and the magnetic swipe.

·  USE REGULARLY: Regular use is a cost-effective way to prolong the service life of magnetic heads and prevent transaction errors caused by dirt and contaminant build-up. Once per week as a preventive maintenance and as an emergency cleaning to correct misreads when needed.

·  INDIVIDUALLY SEALED: Cleaning cards are individually sealed for single use and long-term storage. No more worrying about drying out your pre-saturated cleaning card.

50  Cards per Box
Reduces residue build-up without dismantling equipment.Only Swipe Card
Suitable for most card readers(MSR90 MSR605X MSRX6…) and card printers to removing dirt, magnetic oxides, and lotions from concealed magnetic and optic sensors.
CR80 Daul Side Cleaning Card Dimensions: Length: 3.375″, Width: 2.125″, Thickness: 0.03″ (standard credit card thickness that are to thick to fit inside a card printer/card reader).
More card reader/Write equipment please visit DEFTUN


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