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E-Commerce Power: How the Little Guys Are Building Brands and Beating the Giants at E-Commerce



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In E-Commerce Power, Jason G. Miles shares a practical framework for starting and scaling a profitable ecommerce brand in the age of Amazon.

E-Commerce Power is filled with encouragement, practical advice, tips, strategies, interviews, and proven online marketing methods – all organized to help new entrepreneurs. In 2008, Jason worked with his wife to start their new brand created on eBay selling doll clothes. In 2013, they launched Pixie Faire – a popular sewing supply marketplace. The site has been featured by Shopify and is in the top one percent of all Shopify sites based on worldwide site traffic. 

Within E-Commerce Power, Jason aims to teach new entrepreneurs how he and his wife were able to accomplish such a feat and thrive from it. E-Commerce Power is: Packed with interviews featuring small business owners crushing it online. A practical framework that explains how to scale up an ecommerce business for even the most novice listener. An enthusiasm guide of Amazon’s third party selling system, which has created a boom in private label product strategies.


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