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Olive Oil Sprayer for Cooking – 200ml Glass Oil Dispenser Bottle Spray Mister – Refillable Food Grade Oil Vinegar Spritzer Sprayer Bottles for Kitchen, Air Fryer, Salad, Baking, Grilling, Frying (Black)



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Product Description


Why Choose Honbuty Oil Mister Spray Bottle For Cooking

Oil sprayers with uniquely designed fan atomizing nozzles are widely used by commercial users such as restaurants, public institutional kitchens, bakeries and pizzerias, and now all this professional experience and benefits of oil sprayer are available at home. It can be used to hold cooking oils such as olive oil, peanut oil, canola oil, avocado oil, etc. The spray bottle sprays a 1/4 teaspoon oil each time the trigger is pulled to ensure healthier, more accurate recipes for your family and less waste, making the oil sprayer the most valuable tool in the home kitchen. It is often applied to frying steak, grilling, baking, salad, air fryer and other home users to achieve atomized spraying of cooking oil, which is hygienic, convenient and fuel efficient. Deeply loved by chefs and gourmets, the real kitchen practical little helper.




Oil sprayer can be reused, so you can buy pure oil in bulk and fill it repeatedly. Say goodbye to expensive spray.

Each time you pull the trigger, the exact amount of oil delivered is calculated, and you’ll get 1/4 teaspoon of oil for total control of calorie counting in your kitchen, no matter which oil you choose.

Kitchenware tools suitable for home and outing, the design of the nozzle is more convenient, and the multifunction is used.


Spray effect is affected by mainly factors: the atomizer, the power that the bottle provides, and the content. The trigger handle can provide much strong power to the jam-proof nozzle and the greater power it gets, the better the misting effect it will deliver.

Tips- The mist effect will be affected by the distance and consistency of the liquids you fill;

Tips- We do not recommend using these oil sprayers to spray high-density oil. It may clog the nozzle;

Tips- Olive oil will naturally solidify in cooler temperatures, and the spray effect may be affected by the low temperature.

Tips-Please try to press the oil sprayer for times until it is works well.


Instruction manual

Please read this instruction manual carefully before using this product


1. This product is not suitable for dishwashers, please do not clean it with a steel brush.

2. Do not heat this product (such as microwave oven, oven, etc.). Do not use edible oil containing floating particles, which may block the situation.

3. It is forbidden to put 100° boiled water and high temperature hot oil into the spray bottle for use.

4. When using oil bottles for grilling, do not spray it on or near open flames or open flames.

Product Specifications Material: Food-grade Glass +Safety-Grade Plastic Capacity:8 OZ/200ML Size: 8.8in×2.36in×2.36in Oil volume per spray: 1/4 teaspoon oil(10 calories.) Withstand temperature: 176℉/80℃



Cleaning and maintenance:

1. Add a proper amount of neutral dishwashing agent and clear water into the bottle and put it back into the nozzle. Shake the bottle to clean it. After standing for ten minutes, press the nozzle to clean it. After that, pour out the detergent in the bottle and wash the inside and outside of the bottle and nozzle with clear water.

2. After washing the bottle, fill it with clear water or warm water, install the nozzle, and press the nozzle repeatedly to flush it.

3. The edible oil should not be added too much at a time, and it is better to use it at the same time. If it is not used for a long time after use, it is recommended to pour out the remaining edible oil and eat it as soon as possible. At the same time, clean the whole watering can with water temperature or detergent for the next use.

【Safety Glass Material & Healthy Life】- We use the safer glass material as the container bottle of the oil sprayer. Honbuty’s oil spray bottle can easily control the oil intake of you and protect your health. Different way different effect, press to the end and press quickly you will get a foggy effect, halfway down will get a columnar effect;(Note: the mist effect will be affected by the distance and consistency of the liquids you fill.) High efficient use, without wasting. Improve the taste.
【Ergonomic Design & Convenient】- The non-slip and ergonomic handle design, the hand can comfortably hold the lid and handle, your oil can be sprayed evenly by simple pressing, and it is convenient to use. Oil sprayer dispenser bottles compact bottle mouth design will not leak oil, which is convenient for you to keep the bottle clean. Thicked and clear glass bottles are strong and durable, it is also easier to clean. A large bottle mouth allows you to easily pour liquids without a funnel.
【Multipurpose Spray Oil Bottle】- This oil spray bottle is perfect tools for home & kitchen. Fill in the sprayer with your favorite oil, vinegar, juice, and wine etc; make it uniform mist, convenient during BBQ, making, salad, baking, frying, grilling, instead of using brushes; You just need to use your own imagination to use oil sprayer, it can meet your needs. It can also be used to spray alcohol and water to clean the kitchen and furniture, and it can also be used to water plants.
【Great Gift 】- Honbuty‘s oil sprayer are nice gifts for moms, cooks, healthy-conscious individuals, food enthusiasts alike. We’re convinced you will love your new oil sprayer, however, if not fully satisfied we will give you a full refund.


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