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Insprinity logoInsprinity logo

Photography Idea Cards spread on tile tablePhotography Idea Cards spread on tile table

Inspiration in a Box

Each deck contains photo prompts designed to get camera shutters clicking. Some challenges help with learning new technical skills, others are more playful and creative.

General Portrait

Number of Cards
72 55

Number of Prompts
72 110


Insprinity Photography Idea Cards Original Deck on TableInsprinity Photography Idea Cards Original Deck on Table

Take Creativity Wherever You Go

Easily bring your Insprinity cards to work, school or on the road and keep looking for beauty no matter where you are.

Insprinity Photography Idea Card Portrait Deck StackInsprinity Photography Idea Card Portrait Deck Stack

Give the Gift of Imagination

Photographers all over the world love our decks of cards and turn to us to help them grow as artists, whether they’re just getting started with photography, or have been at it for years. Insprinity cards are designed to be fun, playful and maybe a little educational at the same time. Using our hashtags, you can share your work with fellow creators around the planet and also see what others came up with for the same prompts too. We look forward to welcoming you to the Insprinity family!

Each card has a hashtag, allowing you to share your photos on social media and see what others did for the same photo mission
Great gift for photographers! Appropriate for men, women and teens. Also great for photography class assignments!


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