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See, Do, Repeat: The Practice of Entrepreneurship



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The practice of entrepreneurship is transformative to anyone who chooses to take the journey, and it can also be a pathway to changing the world! The goal of entrepreneurship is not mastery of every aspect – the goal is to keep learning, to execute past failure, to reach your definition of success. 

After studying entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship for more than 30 years, this book, See, Do, Repeat: The Practice of Entrepreneurship identifies a method to identify and carry out successful entrepreneurial ventures, highlighting that you must find opportunities, take action, execute, and repeat! Entrepreneurship is as much a business challenge as it is he human aspect of this book involving mental preparedness, thought incubation, positive mentality, and gratitude harvest the fundamental skills of success. 

Rebecca J. White is an experienced educator, entrepreneur, speaker, author, consultant, and board member with expertise and experience in the design, management, and leadership of innovation and talent development. Dr. White is currently the James W. Walter distinguished chair of entrepreneurship, professor of entrepreneurship, and director of the John P. Lowth Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Tampa. She received her MBA and PhD from Virginia Tech University. 

In addition to starting several business ventures of her own and launching nationally ranked academic centers, she grew up in a family business and has helped countless entrepreneurs launch and grow their companies. Her research is based on the intersection of creative problem solving, entrepreneurial mindset, and situated cognition. Her podcast, En Factor, and the companion blog, share inspirational stories of successful entrepreneurs, with a focus on opportunity recognition.


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